how to quit

ongoing research series
in conversation with halfdan mouritzen, maia lorentzen, henrik chulu, kommunal kunst og teknik and more continuously joining
materials: words, thoughts, dreams and infrastructural experiments
dimensions: variable
year: 2017 -> ongoing

2017 was the year when internet startups and communication platforms in general really lost the last of their positivistic lustre and democratic entitlement. it is clear that the internet and the new economy that it facilitates has become one of standardisation and invasion, not community building and empowerment. mainstream internet outs the weak and benefits those that assimilate the mindset and values of the white californian male. at the forefront of this stands the hyper professionalized artist: the prototype for the precarious worker of the future, the wet dream of the sharing economy: gentrifying the mental landscapes of the new working (creative) class, undermining the welfare state.

the internet runs on computers. computers are per definition turing machines, that is, their core functions can be re-written and therefore the internet can still be radically redesigned.

"how to quit" is a performative conversation and workshop series. through a series of meetings concrete tools to alter / subvert and to quit mainstream internet infrastructure will be presented through hands-on workshops. alongside the workshops conversations will be held on other internets: how could we imagine a net radically redesigned from other perspectives?

could some of these perspectives become real somehow? can we summon something different and make it real?

how to quit has been accepted to the shaking the habitual: what is your utopia exhibition at meter space. a series of workshops and conversations will be held in the exhibition i the period 20/4-23/6 2018.

shaking the habitual: what is your utopia