material meditation

format: installation
material: old computer screens, railway sleepers, OS X screen saver “nature”
dimensions: variable
year: 2011-2018

installation made from recycled computer screens and railway sleepers. the screens show the apple screensaver "nature".

used computer screens are stripped of their plastic casing and reduced to minimalist metallic media frames, aligned with the wooden base supporting them: old railway sleepers, literally the fundament of the first industrialisation. although highly toxic from several decades of oil and diesel drippings, the rough wood still talk to the same fetish for nature, clean and pure, that the screensaver speaks of, although it is very clear that modern computers are not built to last, as they are getting harder and harder to support and recycle over time.

"nature" focuses on the breaking point between the utopian fantasy and ecological reality of modern computers and the infrastructures that support them.

installation shot, photo by anders sune berg