LCD glitch modules

LCD screen sculpture
materials: custom electronics, LCD modules, steel, fluorescent light tubes
dimensions: variable
year: 2012-2015

LCD glitch modules cosists of outdated LCD screens arranged sculpturally and brought back to life, through digital subversion: digital signal noise is injected directly in to the electronic circuitry of the LCD screens. no traditional video signal is used. the noise creates noises and dynamics, which are unique for each screen. the graphic formations are a direct consequence of the materiality of the screens, their design and the individual components they consist of.

LCD glitch modules have been shown at black box gallery in copenhagen, at lydgalleriet in bergen, and for fokus 2015 at kunsthal nikolaj.

LCD glitch modules, installation detail, photo by jamie allen
LCD glitch modules, installation view, kunsthal nikolaj, photo by jacob remin

LCD glitch modules, PWM signal injected directly into LCD circuitry

created with kind support from the danish arts council, BEK and nordic culture point