cloud array

permanent installation / udsmykning
materials: custom designed and modular circuit boards, ethernet cables, code
dimensions: 4,5x4,5m
commissioned by søndervangskolen
year: 2020

150+ networked microcomputers: an abstract data centre. ever chaning, always on: a mesmerizing diplay of algorithmic logic and complexity. the installation hangs in 3 large windows above the main entrance to the school, positioned on top of a hill looking over aarhus. cloud array is in constant dialogue with the sky.

the technical side of this project is open source, and release under a creative commons attribution-shareAlike license. go to this github repository for code and schematics:

this has been a huge effort. many thanks to everybody involved, and all the people who has helped the project along: søndervangskolen, ida højgaard thjømøe, stenka hellfach, niels nielsen, katja bjørn, per dybro, lotte løvholm, peer clausen and annelie berner.

installation view, photo by jacob remin
installation detail, photo by jacob remin
installation view, photo by jacob remin
installation view, photo by jacob remin

produced with kind support from billedkunstudvalget, aarhus kommune and statens værksteder for kunst.