automate utopia / release the deamons

RIXC flyer for the show, image by unknown artist / the internet

get weird

in a 48 hour robot rave we will release our inner daemons and feed them to the robots. AFK, on the dancefloor, the time is now. let's make it happen.

bring modules and patch cords. soup and sketchpads. just bring you. this is an open invitation.


central to this project is robots playing electronic music, as well as thoughts and discussions on automation and loss of control. building on the research done with goto80 and further developed with the generous support from erica synths, the robot now plays the modular synth.

this performance is framed as a mini robot rave. different musicians, artists, thinkers and activists joined the robot and lineup throughout 48 hours. the robot never stopped playing music, but it was sometimes turned down slightly, so it was possible for the humans in the room to share their thoughts on automation, music, and a world without work: if the robot plays our music, what do we do?

you can listen to the full 51 hour recording of the robot here. this is a recording of the robot output only, without human conversations.

robot setup with modular synthesizers
custom software controlling the robot, photo by arturs kalvans
screenshot of the custom made software controlling the robot

i spent the production budget of this show on flight tickets for my friends. you can see the invitation i sent out here. several joined: henrik chulu, halfdan mouritzen, maria nadia, lotte løvholm, dviid gauthiier, jakob bak, sidsel christensen, anders carlsson / goto80, benjamin busch /, louise / meter space, line falk, jan gloeckner, kodek, reinis nalivaiko, arturs kalvans, maija demitere and more. thanks to RIXC and thanks to everyone for making this a very special weekend in riga!


venue: RIXC, lenču iela 2, rīga


thursday february 7: opening 18:00 (and ongoing for 48 hours): robot music

friday february 8: 12:00-16:00 - presentation by jacob remin followed up by a conversation with jacob remin, ilva skulte, normunds kozlovs, and rasa smite

friday february 8: 19:00-21:00 - erica synths garage: BR laser, jacob remin, kodek and goto80 live performances

saturday february 9: 14:00-16:00: workshop: sonic spaces of care

saturday february 9: 20:00 closing, afterparty at bolderāja with performances by halfdan mouritzen, dviid gauthier, and void_ft_deelis.

the images below are snippets from the weekend, taken by the participants.

robot playing music, photo by maija demitere
conversation between jacob remin, normunds kozlovs and rasa smite, photo by benjamin busch
lotte løvholm, sidsel christensen, anders carlsson in conversation, photo by benjamin busch
RIXC gallery, photo by maija demitere
performance by sidsel christensen, photo by maija demitere
reinis nalivaiko and the robot, photo by benjamin busch
workshop: sonic spaces of care, photo by benjamin busch
reading by dviid gauthier, photo by maija demitere
halfdan muritzen cooking soup, photo by maija demitere
panoramic glitch by henrik chulu
photo and drawing by halfdan mouritzen
henrik chulu taking picture of tuna the cat, photo by sidsel christensen
jacob remin live at erica garage, photo by sidsel christensen
goto80 and kodek live at erica garage, photo by benjamin busch
halfdan mouritzen, jacob remin, jan gloeckner, maija demitere, and henrik chulu: good times, photo by benjamin busch
jam with anders carlsson / goto80, jakob bak, kodek, the robot, and jacob remin, photo by aturs kalvans

for pictures from the opening event at RIXC by kristīne madjare click here

for more picture from RIXC by arturs kalvans and maija demitere click here

for more pictures by benjamin busch click here

the RIXC residency and this project is kindly supported by the danish arts council, nordic council of ministers and RIXC.